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About YouTube Connect Feature

Learning English is important, as it is an international language. If you learn English and know how to speak English confidently, you can open up ample employment opportunities.

If you are not born in an English country, or if English is not taught in your home country at the school level, you can still learn the international language if you want to. You can either get admission to the nearest English language learning Academy or learn online.

Lingotube is a free English learning website. The website is loaded with so many real-life videos that have dual subtitles mode and an online dictionary. Lingotube has announced a feature named YouTube connect. With this feature, users can convert any YouTube content with dual subtitles facility. What the user can do is copy the URL of desired YouTube video.

Learning English and gaining confidence in speaking English is so much fun, with amazing yet free features and millions of learners across the globe. The users in groups can practice English, which makes them not only connected but also make them more confident and fluent in speaking English.

Join Lingotube and try the YouTube Connect facility today to learn English in the right way. It is going to help you a lot!

How People Learn English with Lingotube?

Lingotube has Youtube dual language subtitles with its videos. This is to help the learner understand the video content in both ways. The user not only watches the video and learns the pronunciation, plus also, if they get confused at a point, they can read the subtitles for a better understanding.

Lingotube also offers the feature of a dictionary look-over. It is wherever a learner gets confused with any of the words, and they can look into the dictionary and comprehend the video.

This is how millions of subscribers are learning English and Its right pronunciation with the free English learning platform, Lingotube. This number of Lingotube subscribers is increasing with every passing day. People say that Lingotube is not only free, but the real-life video content with YouTube dual subtitles facility is also helpful in learning an international language.

Lingotube also offers a YouTube connect feature that allows English language learners to input the URL of any YouTube video, and the YouTube video will be displayed with dual subtitles mode. In this way, the user can transform any YouTube video to learn it in English. For instance, if a user wants to watch a short documentary in English, they can copy the video's URL and paste it into the YouTube connect feature to get the dual subtitles mode.